Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Genetic Lottery

I've been meaning to do this for a very long time, but you know what happens in babyland. One minute it's Monday, the next it's Friday.

Inevitably when people see Charlie or see pictures they say, 'oh he looks just like...' (Mostly this is John.) It's natural, I do it with other kids. John and I of course pulled out the old photo albums to compare and contrast what we looked like at the same age. Seeing if that made it more obvious what traits he might have gotten or not from each of us. So I thought I'd post the pictures all together so you can all see what we saw. Here you go:

Charlie - 2 Weeks Old




cara lou said...

Haha! Oh my gosh. I love it.

Rachel said...

I think you all look alike. So I guess he is a good mix. With us, Nate's family always said the kids looked like him and my family always said they looked like me. Go figure!

Seantae Jackson said...

Those are awesome! And belated congrats! Ours came on the 17th, 10 ounces smaller... close though! I would love to get some good picts of our little guy (or have you give me advise on how to make them look as good as yours!) Hope all is going well!

Dallon said...

I kinda think they all look the same at this age. But for the babies sake, I sure hope he looks less like John and more like you!

lindsey said...

you two together made an adorable little baby!

i thought the nose was yours at first, but you and john have similar baby noses....

hope all is going great! i think of you often, knowing that we are going through similar days!

and ps - thanks for the announcement! VERY CUTE!