Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A Weekend of Adventures.

It started Friday night here:

(Camp Chef tailgating with John and Dallon - COLD!)

Then we went here:

(The poor Ags lost, we knew they would, they were playing Boise - but we were proud that they made a decent run at first of making it interesting, having it tied up 14-14 w/ just a few minutes left in the first half. Some silly mistakes and pressure from a good team, and they just couldn't keep it up. GO AGGIES!)

Saturday afternoon I went here:

(My good friend Amie threw me a baby shower. How fat and uncomfortable do I look?)

(Lots of family made quite the drive to come... very sweet!)

(This is me with the present girls... They made a little assembly line.)

(We took lots of pictures for my mom, who is in Hungary. This was her gift for the shower.)

(The little girls were given the camera to take pictures, and so a great deal of the pictures look like this. CUTE!)

Sunday night we finished up here:

(I threw this sweet party including shades and necklaces.)

(Because this little girl turned 21!)

(Because she's so old and her lungs are compromised,
she needed some youthful help with the candles.)

(This was the requested red velvet cake...
although I should have spiked it... all the children
and pregnant ladies... would have been awesome.)

(Happy Birthday Emily!!!)

And then I spent the subsequent week recuperating. :)


Mike and Jocelyn said...

I somehow just found your blog and I am so excited now I know I can stay in touch with you guys. I am so excited for our little ones. How are you feeling?

Grandma and Grandpa go on a Mission said...

Dear Christie,
I am now so homesick for you all it is hard. Coming home was hard for me. I miss you all more than I can say and miss being at such events. But today we got back on the horses back and that will help

Amy F. said...

Ah, how exciting! You're getting so close. You look soo pretty too!! Wow. I can't wait (... but probably not as much as you) for the big arrival :)

Stefanie said...

Christie, you look BEAUTIFUL!