Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Re: All the photo posts.

So my husband is helping me oh so kindly make a professional blog to be linked with my actual website. So this little bloggy will go back to being personal ramblings of the random kind. I also one day may update my snowy looking header. But that's debatable. We'll see....

Some photos to update the world on ... things... but not you 'less than savory' characters.... For the ones who stalk people on their blogs to do heaven knows what once you find us on blogspot... I won't give you my address, I WON'T, so don't even ask. And for the pervs who see me at Albertson's or Walmart or Smith's... well I don't know what I'll do then, cuz that seems a heck of a lot worse than you looking at our family photos. Then i'll have to... think of a new plan.

For Easter, my Sister-in-Law Holly and I sent 'our kids' on easter egg hunts at Grandma's house. For the little kids, we hid small eggs in trees...
For the bigger kids we hid eggs in even bigger trees...
(Seriouly John is at the top of like a 12 foot ladder
in this pic. Holly and I drug that ladder over, hid an egg as far up this
tree as we could reach, and then of course moved the ladder far away
from the tree for the actual hunt to give nothing away!
haha... THAT'S hiding skill.
When he finally found the egg
he said, 'how the crap am I supposed to get that?!')

And then because I'm totally the proud parent, I have to show this very cute picture of my husband in front of a BIG ad he designed for Camp Chef/IFA...

Ahh, he looks so widdle.... :)

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Nikki said...

Great idea for the easter egg hunt! Love the one all the way up the tree! And good job John on the ad! That must be cool to see it on the truck!