Monday, October 6, 2008

Choc-o-holics, Run, Just Run Now.

If anyone is in the dark about why I had a baby 8 months ago and still weigh my 9 months pregnant weight, let me enlighten you:

This is what my good sense drove me to make on Sunday for a little 'conference treat'. This cheesecake recipe was jam-packed with chocolate (white and semi-sweet), caramel, and pecan buddies. And what I really loved about it, the crust is soft brownies, not some hard, flavorless crust. It's called, 'Chocolate Eruption Cheesecake', and the description says, "Sounds like an X-rated dessert? Well if you're counting calories, it is." Perfect.

In the past I've been wary of cheesecake, seems like I've had some large disasters where that particular dessert was concerned, but I decided I like cheesecake too much to avoid it forever. This turned out well all in all, although the recipe made about twice as much batter as I needed.

So now in case any of you see me around town, or wherever, you won't have to gasp and think to yourself, 'wow, I wonder if she's pregnant, or just fat.' I'm not pregnant, just fat... come to find out you can't lose the weight when you bake this much.


holly said...

UG!! I can't believe I missed that. Why didn't someone try to stop us from leaving. If only I had known!

Swainston Family said...

That looks wonderful! I have a chocolate cheesecake recipe that you would probably love!

As for the fat...I COMPLETELY understand! I still have the 20 to loose, yes, the same 20 I had right after Alex was born. I've been going to weight watchers since he was about 10 months old, but I guess you actually have to stay within your points if you want to loose the weight. Who knew?!

Nikki said...

haha. you are hilarious. i will be waiting for this to be delivered to my door as well...i am still waiting for the coconut cake. between 9-5, please. we don't like to be disturbed after dinner time.
i am too lazy to make these wonderful things myself. do you think costco has it? haha. =)